Welcome to Next @ Belus

This is a preview of what's in the works from Belus Technology. Databases are great. But they are not the answer to all problems. We are working on a new product that combines Event Sourcing and Microservices to make data access faster and cheaper to scale than traditional databases.

Big companies already use event sourcing architecture to economically scale applications that have to support requests from millions of concurrent users. Their software is custom written, but we are working on a general-purpose product that extends the benefits of event sourcing technology to any developer working on applications that call for speed and scalability.

Our product is in pre-release stage. Right now, we are looking for customers with a need for speed and scalability to participate in a paid Proof of Concept (POC). If your company is an early stage adopter of our technology, there's a good chance features important to you will get prioritized. So please take a look at our demos and let us know if you are interested in partnering with us on a POC.